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We have the resources and knowledge to develop software and embedded hardware from initial conception to release. On the software side we have experience with C,C++,Pascal, Python, Perl, Python, and Java. We have development systems for both Windows and Linux programming. On the hardware side we are familiar with most common chip interface protocols (CAN, I2C, SPI), specialized firmware languages (Forth),  microcontrollers (PIC, AVR, Geode), and how to interface to common interfaces (IrDA, USB, UARTs).

We develop and commit to sync-point schedules with deliverables being presented to the customer at every sync-point. We are very dedicated to keeping the customer in the loop and we have no problems with contracts penalizing us for missing deadlines. We make extensive use of OpenSource tools and packages to cut our development time by not reinventing the wheel for every project.

We enjoy tackling hard to solve problems dealing with:
  •     AI/neural nets
  •     Mathematical modeling
  •       NP completeness
  •     Linux device drivers
  •     OS/language porting
  •     Regression testing
  •     Web data-mining
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