PlutoSpin- Putting a New Spin on Programming

Challenge your eyes with the iPopper! See your words popup in 3D. iPopper makes use of stereograms, made popular in the 90's by the Magic Eye company. With iPopper you can make custom stereograms out of words or short phrases. Simply type the phrase you want and iPopper takes care of the rest. Having trouble seeing the 3D words or want to see it against another background-- simply gently shake your iPhone and it will regenerate a new image. Every image will be unique and have different eye depth settings. Most of the time you will get colorful backgrounds, but sometimes iPopper will surprise you with a greyscale or black and white background. iPopper also offers triangle guides to help you get the correct focus. Play around to see what works for you and challenge your friends to see your messages. iPopper works in landscape mode and is set to accept phrases up to sixteen characters.   

A favorite technique of ours is to put the iPhone in landscape mode right up to our nose and then look beyond the iPhone. Things will be blurry at first. Slowly move the iPhone away from your nose until you see the two triangle guides become three with one exactly in the middle. That means you are close to the correct focus point and if you are lucky the 3D picture will start forming in your brain. Results will vary. Some people have a knack at them while others have spent hours and end up thinking their friends are just playing a prank on them.   

Email with problems or suggestions.

Available in the iTunes App Store for FREE!

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